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The Project

Business Incubator – Varna is established under Project № BG161PO003-2.2.01-0019 “Extension of Business Incubator – Varna at RAPIV”, signed under Grant Contract № БИ-02-3/02.02.2012 between the Bulgarian Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism and the Regional Agency for Entrepreneurship and Innovations – Varna (RAPIV). The Project is implemented under the Operational Programme “Development of the the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy 2007-2013”, Priority Axis 2: “Improvement of the Effectiveness of Enterprises and Development of Favorable Business Environment”, co-financed by the EU via the European Regional Development Fund. The project budget amounts to BGN 323 000 and duration is 36 months.

The Project Main Objectives comprise::

  • Helping SMEs from Varna Region by supplying adequate infrastructure, favorable information and technology environment and the related supportive business services;
  • Rising the contribution of SMEs production in Varna Regional Gross Product;
  • Improving the competitiveness of Varna Region enterprises in the national and foreign markets; Helping SMEs transition to new market levels – from regional and national market presence towards international scale;
  • Helping local enterprises to attract national and international investors;
  • Building and strengthening the relationships between the academic and industrial community and the local administration, aiming at the development of innovative enterprises in Varna Region priority sectors.

Project activities focus on two basic components:

  • Component 1: “Investment Component” plans the preparation of an investment project,  renovation activities and delivery and installation of the technical and office equipment.
  • Component 2: “Support for the Operational Activity of the Business Incubator” plans the creation and maintenance of a web-site, providing on-line services, carrying out campaigns for incubation of companies, selection and accommodation of companies, providing services for the incubated companies, information and resource  services, business consultations and marketing services.

The expected results from the project implementation imply an integrated effect on Varna Region, influencing the harmonic and sustainable development, the better quality of life, the strengthened competitiveness of regional companies in national and international markets, the increased share of the high-technology products and services in the GDP of the priority economic sectors, the improved business infrastructure, the achievement of favorable information and technology environment and the relevant supportive business services for the emerging and acting companies, as well as the further strengthening of the relationships between the academic and industrial community in key markets areas.

Our vision is to further improve the existing infrastructural, technology and information environment in order to support the emerging and/or acting SMEs and to affirm Business Incubator – Varna as a sustainable, oriented-to-market center that helps the development of technology, non-technology and innovative SMEs in Varna Region, provides long-term contacts between the academic and industrial community and supplies broad international contacts for the regional enterprises.