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Working Environment

What We Offer?

RAPIV premises provide separated zones for incubated companies, tenant technology companies, administration, public zones (conference halls, meeting halls). We also offer production workshop halls and warehouses.

Build-up area - 769.92 кв. м.
Total area - 3168 кв. м.
Floors - 3 етажа + сутерен.
Offices - 57.

We have developed a high-quality environment for start-up businesses. Your partners, customers and colleagues are welcome in an environment, stimulating and reflecting your professionalism and ambitions. At present we offer incubated companies 18 m2 offices. All offices are computerized and provided with high-speed internet access, flexible stationary telephone lines, utility services, etc.

To ensure all the necessary support tools that your business needs, we also offer flexible rates for:

  • Rental of seminar and business meetings halls;
  • Rental of technical equipment;
  • Access to a database of faculties, disciplines in all regional universities, scientific research institutes, laboratories, development divisions and experts with whom RAPIV has collaborated during the implementation of different past projects;
  • Print, copy and technical services.

Our utility services include:

  • 24/7 Security service;
  • Parking lot;
  • Video-surveillance, fire-alarm system and controlled office access;
  • Office cleaning;
  • Snow cleaning;
  • Maintenance of all electric, water supply and heat installations.