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Business Incubation

What Is a Business Incubator?

The Business Incubator is a managed environment that supplies care, growth and protection for a new risky enterprise in its early stages of development, before it is ready to utilize the traditional methods to conduct its business independently. A Business Incubator applies a broad range of service tools, including consulting for stimulation the preparation of a proper business plan, revision of marketing strategy, assessment of the products/services quality, as well as office access at flexible rates for individual or joint exploitation.

Applicants’ Eligibility?

Applications shall be accepted for incubation of legal and natural persons with business ideas, developing their projects under the Agency’s economic priorities. It is crucial that the candidate is in a start-up phase or in the early stages of the development of his/her business idea.

How To Apply?

Applying for incubation in Business Incubator – Varna takes only 3 steps:

  1. Fill in and send us the Registration Forms for the candidate and the project and your Business Plan. To download the application forms, please click here. Filled in papers can be filed at your convenience - electronically, by post/courier or on spot at RAPIV office.
  2. The filled in documents shall be reviewed and assesses by RAPIV experts within a two-week term since the date of their filing.
  3. Depending on our experts’ opinion, RAPIV will make its decision for approval or not for incubation. All applicants shall be duly informed about their final results. The successful candidates will be invited to negotiate and sign the incubation contract and, if necessary, to present supplementary documents/information.

For further questions regarding your application you can send an e-mail to or call us at 052 383 700.

For FAQs on application issues and filling in your documents, please click here.