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Success Stories

CORES Ltd. finalized its 36 months incubation period within High-Technology Business Incubator – Varna (HTBI) with the successful realization of the project „System for control and forecasting in real time of the spread of dredging spot”. Software product has been developed for forecasting the spread of the dredging spot. The successful development of the company is ensured by: project, approved for financing under OP „Competitiveness”, widening of the fields of activity, increased number of personnel. „CORES”  Ltd. keep their office at the premises of RAPIV   and continue the collaboration with RAPIV and the other companies.

The Decision Support System (DSS) for management of coastal floods, created under the leadership of Dr. Valeri Penchev, is about to be used as a training  tool within project SimCoast, 7FP, as well as for the elaboration of plans for coastal floods management.  

Prototype of a system for monitoring and forecasting of dredging spot, Project developed under Operational Programme „Development of the Competitiveness of Bulgarian Economy 2007-2013”

SVEMAR Ltd is one of the first successfully incubated companies in HTBI – Varna, carries out its activities in the field of environmental protection: design of irrigation systems, landscaping, preventing soil erosion with the usage of special coatings and hydro-seeding.

From the start of their activity in High-Technology Business Incubator – Varna until now, Svemar Ltd has increased the number of employees more than 20 times. The good practices of Svemar Ltd. in the field of prevention of soil erosion are selected for transfer by International partners as part of the implementation of project for international cooperation in the field of climate change adaptation  – REGIOCLIMA project, programme INTERREG IVC.

Protection of the soil from surface erosion – SVEMAR Ltd., Varna at Sofia airport.  The built system includes cell system GEOWEB, biodegradable mats Greenfix, in combination with the hydro-seeding method has good performance in the consolidation of steep slopes.

3K AD carries out its activities in the field of energetics water technologies and communications.

The company is accepted in HTBI with the project „Last electric mile” for transfer of data through the electricity grid.

As a result of the successfully completed incubation period, the company has ten times increased the turnover and number of employees.


63% of the companies that expresses interest in incubation, filed their projects for incubation in HTBI. 33% of them were approved by the Expert Council.  26% from interested companies signed incubation contracts.

62% of incubated companies finished successfully their incubation period and reached their project objectives, which represents 14% of the companies that expressed interest. The percentage of successful companies is relatively high, compared to the average European rate of success, but the basic obstacle still remains the low number of companies willing to receive support from Bulgarian Business Incubators.