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Our Services

Taking into consideration our past experience during the period 2005-20012, a pack of services and activities was created to be offered by BIV experts. The list of these services includes:

  1. Expert advice for developing a business idea and assisting candidates for incubation in filling in the applications forms;
  2. A set of integrated services for incubated companies;
  3. Mediator services for inclusion in worknets, clusters and partnerships for exchanging information and experience in areas, stimulating development of incubated companies and providing access to a database in areas, relevant to their activities;
  4. Commercialization of the project products and outputs of incubated companies through close inter-action with universities, local administration and regional business organizations;
  5. Transfer of know-how, technologies; research and development and commercialization of SME products;
  6. Active marketing and advertizing policy, aiming at product presentation, larger market share and attraction of investors;
  7. Management technology, knowledge marketing and training for achieving higher qualification of entrepreneurs and workers;
  8. Excellent environment for organizing multi-discipline meetings and seminars;
  9. Excellent environment for organizing multi-discipline meetings, conferences and seminars.

The integrated services include:

  • Consulting on company registration and pre-registration issues;
  • Consulting on contract preparation;
  • Consulting on development and assessment of business plans;
  • Consulting on funding issues;
  • Intermediation for raising investment capital.

The marketing and advertizing policy for presenting products and services has a special importance in conquering new market territories and attraction of investors. This ensures stable conditions for achieving the long-term strategic objectives of incubated companies. In this area we offer the following services:

  • Preparation of marketing strategy;
  • Market research on particular products;
  • Keeping companies informed; providing organizational support for participation in different events – fairs, expos, conferences, etc.;
  • Monthly information bulletins;
  • Organizing of periodic promotions for incubated companies and their achievements.